2017 Civil School

Photos Courtesy of Sheriff Rick Penning - Grundy County

The Iowa State Sheriffs’ & Deputies’ Association 2017 Civil School of Instruction convened at the Airport Holiday Inn in Des Moines from Sunday, April 23rd through Wednesday, April 26th.

Sunday afternoon, “Registration” was available for early arrivals and then a period of ‘networking’ followed in the Courtyard.

Monday morning, “Registration” continued and ISSDA Sales items were available, along with a “Welcome” by ISSDA President Lonny Pulkrabek, Johnson County Sheriff and Kevin Schneider, Polk County Chief Deputy. The “Presentation of the Flags” was made by the ISSDA Honor Guard.

Monday morning got right into the new legislation on Weapon Permits by DPS Ross Loder. Effective immediately Permits to Acquire and Permits to Carry are CONFIDENTIAL as far as “Personally identifiable information”. Also immediately is the “supervised possession by minors”. Other changes take Effect on July 1, 2017 and DPS is asking for volunteers to form a work group from ISSDA ref the new laws and implementing a new ‘card’ type permit. The NEW permit will NOT be ready by July 1, 2017. If you were NOT able to attend, contact Loder for his very informative hand-out.

Following lunch, ILEA Asst Director Kim Wadding and Linn County Deputy Sheriff Chad Shover informed the group about “Blue Courage”. The training deals with the preservation of the officer.

Tuesday, the entire morning plus 1 hour after lunch was designated as Breakout Sessions. These sessions started with Civil 101 with Mark Dorhout of Lyon county and Deric Oshel of Linn county, for employees of 3 years or less.

  • Breakout #1 was office mgt, abandon motor home & vehicles with Judy Lee of Delaware County and Char Kirby of Appanoose County.
  • Breakout #2 was Condemnations with Kelly Michael, Kathy Battani and Allison Bisignano of Polk county
  • Breakout #3 was evictions, executions, exemptions & garnishments with Lori Miller of Iowa County, Renee Simpson of Mahaska County and Angie Schott of Keokuk County. 
  • Breakout #4 was 1.1020(2) levies (former 260 A & B), orders, original notices and real estate sales with Sharon Bright of Henry County and Heidi Hilton of Franklin County.
  • Breakout #5 was subpoenas, summons, livestock trespass and writs with Margine Butler of Worth County, Patricia Barta of Wright County and Tammy Edens of Kossuth County.

Mid-afternoon the Joint session returned with Bill Deatsch of Johnson County
Talking on legislative updates, including: Civil Fee ‘increases’, Medical Marijuana, Voter ID, 24/7 daily drug/alcohol test, hands free driving, collective bargaining, fireworks, 9-1-1, Right on red and DOT 1 year status on speed. Watch for more definitive articles on these.

The next session was Special Executions and collections with Peter Arling with O’Connnor and Thomas Law Firm. Arling explained a very complicated civil action where the new “Charging Order” was utilized to levy someone’s interest in a corporation.

Tuesday afternoon concluded with the Civil Panel consisting of: Randy Rowland of Linn county, Luanne Paper of Hamilton county, Bill Deatsch of Johnson county and Attorney Peter Arling.
Tuesday evening entertainment was a “DJ”.

Wednesday morning, the first session was “Sex Offender Registry” with Terry Cowman and Cheryl Nolan of the DCI. In addition to the review of Iowa Code, there was a review of the Michael Klunder case.
Wednesday closed out with Linn County Financial Analyst Janine DeVries talking on Jail Room and Board.

This concluded the 2016 Civil School with 175 attendees.