FBI National Academy

The Omaha Division of the FBI will be making selections from the National Academy applicants for attendance to the National Academy in 2020.  These selections will be made in January of 2019.  If your agency wishes to have an applicant considered for selection to attend the National Academy, please nominate your candidate that you would recommend.  Please have the candidate that you nominate submit the FD-164a, which is the application to attend the FBI National Academy program and include a timed mile run no later than December 31, 2018.  The NA application process and forms can be found on the Virtual Academy website:  https://fbiva.fbiacademy.edu

Any candidate nominated should be one of the top performing leaders from your agency.  The FBI is looking for candidates that possess excellent character, have an excellent reputation for professional integrity, and exhibit a strong interest in law enforcement as a public service.  They should demonstrate quality of leadership and enjoy the confidence and respect of fellow officers.  Also, the candidate should be in excellent physical condition, strict adherence to a timed mile run of 10 minutes or under for men and 11:30 minutes or under for women. The National Academy Unit advises the candidates must be in excellent health and physical condition.  STUDENTS WHO CANNOT MAKE THE MINIMUM RUN TIMES ARE NOT CONSIDERED TO BE IN EXCELLENT HEALTH AND /OR IN EXCELLENT PHYSICAL CONDITION AND THEREFORE NOT QUALIFIED TO ATTEND THE NA.  Do not nominate candidates to the National Academy who cannot complete the 1-mile run within the allotted times.   Furthermore, the candidates will be expected to remain in law enforcement for a minimum of three years, but the goal is eight to twelve years after graduation from the FBINA.  Candidates should preferably be the rank of lieutenant or above.

All applications should be mailed to Dot Krajicek, FBI Omaha, 4411 S 121 Court, Omaha, NE 68137.  SAC Thysse will review all submitted applications before selection is made for candidates to attend the NA.  All previous NA applications that are on file will also be reviewed for the NA selection for 2020.  If your agency has applications on file please advise the applicant to update their application and include a timed mile run.

Please contact Dot Krajicek, 402-530-1115, or SA Jonathan Robitaille, 402-740-6171, with any questions.