2017 Arresting Hunger

Good afternoon everyone,

September is ‘Hunger Action Month’ and today I am excited to announce the kick-off to the 2017 Arresting Hunger campaign, which will run from September 1st through November 21st. Last year the Department of Public Safety (DPS) raised just over $12,400 in our second effort to help alleviate hunger throughout Iowa. The first year we raised $5400. This year, the DPS is partnering with the Des Moines Police Department and law enforcement from across the State of Iowa to raise money to provide meals for those who are food insecure. With the assistance of our fellow officers statewide, we hope to multiply our efforts this year.

To assist with our efforts, the Food Bank of Iowa has enabled a link that we will utilize to collect funds for this campaign, (www.arrestinghunger.com) which will greatly simplify the giving process. However, there will be three possible ways to give; the on-line link (above), by check (written to the Food Bank of Iowa, with the words arresting hunger’ in the memo line and sent to The Food Bank of Iowa, 2220 East 17th Street, Des Moines, IA 50316), or with cash (by filling out an envelope that will be secured and sent to the Food Bank of Iowa, which I can provide as needed). These donations will qualify for the charitable contribution deduction.

With the help of the Food Bank of Iowa, we will be distributing the donations throughout the State of Iowa to food banks and food pantries on the Monday of Thanksgiving week (November 21st). If any participating organization would like to be a part of a check delivery, please let me know and I will attempt to coordinate all efforts.

If anyone from your organization would like to further discuss this campaign, or how your department can become more involved, please feel free to contact me directly.

Thank you in advance for assisting with this worthy mission!

Captain Ken Clary

Iowa State Patrol