99 County Drug Drop Box Project

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Officer Al Fear

Cedar Rapids Police Dept.
U.S. Attorney’s Office NDIA
Heroin Initiative Midwest HIDTA



We are working to make sure there is at least one Drug Drop Off box in all 99 Iowa counties.
We have found that there is not an accurate listing of the Drug Drop Off box locations across Iowa.
So I am checking in, to respectfully ask, if you would help us reach out to the 99 Sherriff Offices by sending out via email a couple simple questions:

1. Is there a Drug Drop Box in your county?
2. If yes, where is it located ? (Please indicate all law enforcement agencies in your county that have a Drug Drop Box.)

Prescription drug addiction is an urgent and growing threat to Iowa’s public health. Drug Drop Boxes help save lives and protect families from the increased dangers of prescriptions drug misuse. In 2013 alone, more than half of the 41,300 unintentional drug overdose deaths in the United States involved prescription drugs, and hazardous opioid pain relievers led to about 17,000 of those deaths. Young people are especially susceptible to these dangers. Nearly four in 10 teens who have misused or abused a prescription drug have obtained it from their parents’ medicine cabinet.

Bottom line -- We have found that while U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration drug "take-back" day has been effective, the availability of the no cost anonymous collection of unwanted and expired medicines through Drug Drop Boxes has proven to be very effective all year long.

Email replies can be sent to: a.fear@cedar-rapids.org
Officer Al Fear
Cedar Rapids Police Dept.
Heroin Initiative Midwest HIDTA

Best regards,

Kevin W. Techau
United States Attorney
Northern District of Iowa