ICAP Grant Funds & ISSDA Discount Available for Lexipol Policies

Date: January 30, 2019

Subject: ICAP Grant Funds & ISSDA Discount Available for Lexipol Policies

ISSDA Members,

I am pleased to announce there are valuable grant funds now available (for ICAP members) for your policies and policy training. Plus, there is an added “early adopter” bonus available to those who sign up for the grant prior to May 1, 2019.

I would highly recommend you take advantage of this grant and use ISSDA’s partner Lexipol to update your policies and align with state and federal law, and best practices.

Lexipol, co-founded by risk management expert Gordon Graham, is the most trusted provider of state-specific public safety policies and policy training, used by 3,500 agencies nationwide. As updates to state and federal law occur, Lexipol’s team of law enforcement and corrections professionals, in tandem with public safety attorneys, read, analyze and make changes to policy content. In 2018 alone, they reviewed 8,000 pieces of legislation.

Daily Training Bulletins are offered to bring your policy content to life, so your personnel know and understand your policies. Your policies are completely customizable and Lexipol can help you get started with implementation support. Plus, Lexipol’s cloud-based system and mobile app allows you to access your policies 24/7.

In addition to these grant funds, ISSDA members also receive an additional discount on Lexipol’s Iowa-specific policies.

Contact Mike Madden, Lexipol Iowa representative, for more information on Lexipol’s policy and daily training solution at (469) 731-0794 or mmadden@lexipol.com.


Sheriff Jared M. Schneider
ISSDA President