ISSDA Announces Credit & Debit Card Payment Options for Payments

Beginning Wednesday 5/25/16, individuals who wish to make payments to ISSDA using credit and debit cards may do so through GovPayNet®. GovPayNet accepts the major credit and debit card brands for payments 24/7 online. Cardholders can make payments on their own behalf or on behalf of friends or family. They need only have some basic information regarding payment, easily provided by ISSDA.

Cardholders pay a service fee at the time of their transaction. There are no charges to ISSDA for participation in the GovPayNet service. Improving the convenience of payment transactions with ISSDA means more frequent and timely payments, increased revenues and reduced association costs.

“Cardholders can pay their obligations to ISSDA in the same way they handle other transactions, anytime, day or night, and without having to write a check, carry large sums of cash, or wait in line,” explained Major Godar, 2016 President of ISSDA “This increases our efficiency and improves service.”

GovPayNet accepts Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® and Discover®. “Each business day, we reconcile the previous day’s payments with the government agency and then electronically forward the cardholders’ payments in full to the agency’s bank account,” said Mark MacKenzie, CEO of GovPayNet. “We also handle all cardholder calls and inquiries about any payment issues,” he added.

GovPayNet, based in Indianapolis, is a category leader in processing credit and debit card payments to government agencies. Overall, consumers rely on us in making approximately 1.6 million payments annually to nearly 2,500 agencies in more than 40 states. 

“Making GovPayNet’s services available is an excellent opportunity for the ISSDA to be at the forefront in offering a convenient, flexible way to pay school registrations and membership renewals,” noted Major Godar, 2016 ISSDA President.

For more company information, visit the website at or call GovPayNet toll-free at (888) 561-7888.

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