Homeland Security Leadership Academy

The next DHSLA is November 12-22, 2019, Glynco, GA.
Call (912) 261-3785 for more information

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For command staff and other state, local, and tribal law enforcement leadership, this two-week program at FLETC, plus 8-hour coordinated follow-on at an NSA conference, results in a Homeland Security Professional Certificate awarded by NSA.

The program is full funded by Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC), which covers travel, lodging, meals and course cost. Don’t miss out the chance to attend this training.

DHSLA Participants
Senior law enforcement officials and executives from state, local, and tribal agencies located in 50 different states and all US territories have benefited from the DHSLA over the past four years.

DHSLA Benefits
• Establishes an expert, responsive, and proven professional development resource for senior law enforcement executives
• Builds a national cadre of law enforcement executives with a common understanding and deep capacity for leading in a crisis
• Develops a robust professional resource network

DHSLA Program
Includes topics that vary in response to events; past examples include:
• Leadership in a Crisis
• Emotional Intelligence
• Ethics in Leadership
• Critical Thinking and Decision-Making
• 21st Century Policing Initiatives, e.g., Blue Courage, Active Shooter, & Tactical Medical training
• Engages participants in realistic training scenarios with other command leaders in the
• context of an active shooter, pandemic, or other major events
• Leverages FLETC’s standing within DHS, bringing significant federal resources to one location
• Brings together state, local, and tribal law enforcement leaders from across the nation to share experience and expertise at a professional development program tailored to their operational and strategic needs

Comments from Participant Feedback
“Absolutely outstanding!! The relevance of the content of this program is critical in today’s society.”
“Without a doubt, this is some of the best training I have ever attended.”
“Great training for Command leadership. I will recommend we send others from our department to this academy.”
“The ability to delve into real-world issues and stretch my mind was an eye opener.”