Pink Crash Tag Project


pink crash tag photo

The Iowa DOT collaborating with participating enforcement agencies to have responding officers tag damaged infrastructure (traffic barriers, lighting features, signs, and fences) along the primary road system right of way. These tags allow the Iowa DOT to tie crash information to damage and link to our claims system making the transfer of information easier to manage.  The project deployed in early 2019 statewide and work is being done to add county sheriff and municipalities that respond to crashes on the primary road to the team.


Partner agencies carry a crash tag kit provided by the DOT which includes:

  • Weather proof pink tags
  • Sharpies
  • Zip ties
  • Gardening wire
  • A vinyl bank bag
  • Crash damage estimate card

After responding to a crash on a primary road where state infrastructure is damaged, the responding officer will create a pink tag to attach to traffic barriers, lighting features, or signs that are damaged. The tags have the incident ID (where available), agency, responding officer, and date. In cases where multiple crashes occur in the same location, or a single crash damaging multiple features, multiple tags can be attached.

Here is a short video about the program for enforcement partners.

Our maintenance field staff will then log an inspection of the damaged item, enter the new information from the pink tags as part of that process in our existing inspection application, and then a report will be generated for our claims management staff.

Thank you for interest in partnering with the Iowa DOT. Send any questions, comments or request for kits to:

Shawn Blaesing
[email protected]