Welcome to the official ISSDA website.

The ISSDA is an association of Sheriffs, Deputies and full time employees of Iowa's 99 County Sheriff's Offices.

The Iowa State Sheriffs’ & Deputies’ Association’s mission is to promote the positive role of law enforcement throughout the state; support our members in the multi-faceted aspects of the office of Sheriff; educate our members by providing quality training and assistance; and protect the public through community outreach and legislative actions. 

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The Iowa State Sheriffs & Deputies Association provides its members and the State of Iowa with the following:

Schools and Training in the several areas including:

  • Civil and Legal Processing
  • Jail Operations
  • New Sheriffs
  • Sheriff and Deputies continued Training
  • Public Education and Awareness

Honor Guards for funerals of members

Youth Camp for at-risk youth

Assistance for fellow State Agencies in making Iowa a safer place to live

Working with Federal and State Legislatures to create laws providing safer communities

The SHERIFF is the only elected Law Enforcement Officer in the State of Iowa.


  • Execution and return of all legal civil papers
  • Enforce the law of the State of Iowa
  • Enforce County Ordinances
  • Conduct criminal investigations
  • Provide Law Enforcement services to the Judicial Court System
  • Supervise all jails and the custody of incarcerated offenders
  • Maintain the Sex Offender Registry
  • Patrol all areas of the county
  • Respond to any and all disasters within the county
  • Assist other Law Enforcement agencies
  • Sustain Iowa VINE for Victims
  • Other duties as described in Iowa Code 331.653