Iowa Law Enforcement Accreditation

The Iowa Police Chiefs Association and the Iowa State Sheriffs and Deputies Association are in the process of creating a collaborative committee to explore the possible creation and establishment of a voluntary state accreditation program. Currently the State of Iowa is one of only about 13 states that do not have a state-level law enforcement accreditation program. This program is being explored not to compete with CALEA, but rather to provide agencies of all sizes opportunities for betterment in a more scalable format.

Some goals of this committee will be to measure the feasibility of sustaining a statewide law enforcement accreditation program by creating a tiered system of professional standards that provide best practices for our highest liability areas first (EX: use of force, pursuit driving, criminal investigations, jail operations, complaint/administrative review procedures, training, etc.). Eventually we are hopeful that the program could branch out to more robust accreditation standards (tier 2 and 3) for those agencies who desire greater quality controls. The committee will also explore funding and grant opportunities to support start-up costs as well as rules of governance.

Any accreditation program that may be created as a result of this committee’s work must have the ability to assist prospective law enforcement agencies in Iowa of all sizes – to promote professional improvement by providing the framework for a voluntary, affordable accreditation program. The program must also be comprehensive, obtainable, and designed in ways that best meet local needs while at the same time also reflect the professional service delivery the citizens of Iowa expect from law enforcement.

As this committee begins its work to help further professionalize Iowa law enforcement, we will provide you periodic updates on their progress.

Chief Dennis McDaniel, President, IPCA

Sheriff Jason Sandholdt, President, ISSDA