Gold Star Magazine Sponsor Information

The Iowa State Sheriffs and Deputies Association continues to partner with the Iowa Peace Officers Association to provide the very best Law Enforcement Magazine in the State of Iowa. Our publication will reach all 99 Counties of Iowa. Our joint membership includes Sheriffs and Deputies from the State of Iowa, Police Chiefs and Officers from the smallest one man department to our Capitol City – Des Moines and Polk County. The Iowa Peace Officers Assn. has members from all walks of Law Enforcement including the Iowa DOT, DNR, DCI, FBI, Campus Police, Railroad Police, Iowa State Patrol, and Iowa DOC.

By collaborating, the Iowa Gold Star and the Iowa Law Enforcement are now one periodical. This has increased our coverage statewide offering our advertisers a superior opportunity for the dollars they invest with us by offering our advertisers a much larger circulation with one ad purchase reducing your over-all cost. Our joint membership and mailing list will exceed 3,300 copies in the State of Iowa. Placement of your ad will show support for those that purchase your products during the year. We could not put out a quality magazine without your valued support. All ads ¼ page or more purchased for the 4 quarterly issues during 2023 will include a 10% discount as shown. In addition to the magazine being mailed out, we have also placed it on both associations’ web sites, 1 issue is electronic only. It is our intent to continue this practice in 2023 at no additional cost. Thank You and we look forward to your continued support.  We have not increased our rates since the beginning of this joint issue.

Advertisement Cost
Full Page Ad = $1000 per issue or annual cost = $3600.
Half Page = $500 per issue or annual cost = $1800.
Quarter Page = $250 per issue or annual cost = $900.
Eighth Page = $150 per issue or annual cost = $600.

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All ads should be electronically submitted copy ready to [email protected]. There will be limited availability for color ads, additional cost applicable. 

Jared Schneider – Iowa State Sheriffs and Deputies Association
Terry Dehmlow – Iowa Peace Officers Association


PO Box 528, Wellman, IA 52356-0528