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Nomination Criteria: The 2024 ISSDA board of directors has elected to follow the same criteria as defined by the Iowa Peace Officer Memorial and to include any employee of an Iowa Sheriff's Office killed in the line of duty. All submissions will be reviewed by the ISSDA board of directors and exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis as determined by the board.

  In memory of Sheriffs and Deputies who have sacrificed their lives in the line of duty. 

• Allamakee County, Sheriff Leonard Bulman was shot and killed on 1-1-46 while attempting to serve a warrant.
• Benton County, Sheriff Leland A. Fry was shot and killed on 11-4-38 while attempting to apprehend an escapee from jail.
• Black Hawk County, Detective Sgt. William Mullikin was killed in an auto accident in 1981 during the manhunt for T-Bone Taylor who was wanted for killing two police officers.
• Black Hawk County, Deputy W.F. Dilworth was shot and killed in 1932 by a suspect during questioning in reference to a burglary.
 Carroll County, Deputy Raymond Rogers was killed in an auto accident in 1978.
• Carroll County, Deputy Wilber Dorman was killed in an auto accident in 1978.
• Chickasaw County, Deputy Frank Herzog was shot and killed on 4-19-16 while attempting to arrest a man for robbery.
• Clay County, Deputy Louis H. Dayton, an undercover liquor investigator, was murdered on March 20, 1929 in front of the post office in Spencer.
• Clay County, Deputy Frank Smith, was shot and killed when he and the Sheriff responded to a domestic disturbance call on 8-9-1924. The suspect shot Deputy Smith before being shot and wounded by the Sheriff. The suspect then committed suicide.
 Davis County, Deputy Dennis Ray McElderry was struck and killed in the line of duty on January 3, 2003 during a high speed chase.
• Decatur County, Deputy Clint McConnel was shot and killed on 7-7-27 as he attempted to arrest two bootleggers.
• Dickinson County, Chief Deputy George O. Williamson
• Dubuque County, Deputy Leo Hemmer was shot and killed during a jail escape on 10-12-25
• Fayette County, Deputy Marion Shephard was shot and killed while attempting to arrest two horse thieves on 9-7-1882.
• Fremont County, Deputy Gilbert Glen Androy in answering a domestic abuse call, was unaware of steps leading to a basement. His fall resulted in severe head injuries and death - 1997.
 Harrison County, Deputy Sheriff Orrin Case was shot and killed in the line of duty by a bootlegger on September 16, 1925
• Howard County, Deputy Stevan H. Owen was killed in an auto accident in 1977.
• Jasper County, Deputy Howard Holdefer
• Jefferson County, Res. Deputy Bill Sutherlin
• Lucas County, Sheriff William Ramsey was shot and killed on 6-29-1889 while questioning a man in regards to threats he had made to his neighbors.
• Marion County, Deputy Harold Gates was shot and killed in 1967 while assisting Pella Police officers in a domestic dispute.
• Marshall County, Jailer Harry E. Davis was shot and killed on 9-9-78 by a subject who had parked outside the Sheriff’s Office and shot the jailer through the window.
• Monona County, Sheriff William E. Strain on 9-5-1902 succumbed to a gunshot wound received five days earlier while attempting to arrest a man for making threats.
• Muscatine County, Deputy C. Edward Halligan, age 58, suffered a fatal heart attack on 11-9-98, while on duty taking a juvenile into custody for a commitment.
• O’brien County, Sheriff Robert Bornholdt
• Polk County, Deputy Kipton L. Hayward was killed on 10-9-93 by a drunk driver while investigating an auto accident.
• Polk County, Deputy Dewey Marshall was seriously wounded while attempting an arrest in Mitchellville, and died on October 30, 1926.
• Polk County, Sheriff Jack L. Woodard
• Pottawattamie County, Deputy Mark Burbridge was shot and killed at the Pottawattamie County Jail on 5-01-17 as he and another deputy returned two inmates to the jail after a court appearance.
• Pottawattamie County, Deputy Clarence Woolman was shot and killed on 3-25-11 while transporting a prisoner to Ft. Madison.
Pottawattamie County, Chief Deputy Duane H. Otto died on 10-8-81 after a porch fell on him while he was entering a home where a man had barricaded himself with a gun.
• Story County, Sheriff C.V. McGriff was shot and killed on 10-20-41 by an escaped mental patient.
• Union County, Sheriff N.F. Collings was shot and killed on 3-9-26 while serving a paper.
• Washington County, Sheriff William Fred Sweet was shot and killed on 6-25-30 by a suspect who had been arrested for stealing a car.
• Woodbury County, Deputy Lewis R. Jones was killed on 12-19-21 during a packing house labor dispute.
• Woodbury County, Chief Deputy Jimmie Biggs was killed in a plane crash during a prisoner transport on 3-11-59.
• Woodbury County, Cpl. Jon E. Hermann was killed on 6-11-93 in a plane crash during a prisoner transport.
• Woodbury County, Capt. Phillip A. Heimbecker was killed on 6-11-93 in a plane crash during a prisoner transport.
• Keokuk County, Sgt. Eric Stein was shot and killed on 04-04-2011 while attempting to question the suspect in another shooting that occurred the day before.
• Lyon County, Deputy Stephanie Schreurs succumbed to injuries 8-13-19 sustained four days earlier in a single-vehicle crash involving her patrol vehicle.
• Fremont County, Deputy Austin W. "Melvin" Richardson succumbed to injuries sustained in a collision with a harvesting combine on 6-14-2022.

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