ISSDA Chaplain Committee

The 2023 ISSDA board of directors created the ISSDA Chaplain Committee. The purpose of this committee is to provide resources for Sheriffs in need of a Chaplain, or information on creating a Chaplain program of their own. This page will serve as an informational resource to provide current contact information for all ISSDA chaplains, model policy manual, trainings and resources for ISSDA members & Sheriffs interested in Chaplain services. 

Current ISSDA Chaplains:

Current ISSDA Chaplain Committee:

When do I call a Chaplain?

  • When a fellow officer is injured, ill or killed
  • When you have a personal or family emergency (family / life issues)
  • After a major trauma (personal or work related)
  • When a hurting family member needs care
  • When you have to deliver a death notification
  • When you are stressed or need to talk
  • When you need encouragement
  • When you just need to vent or let off steam in a safe, confidential environment.
  • When you want someone with you for counsel, friendship, or presence.
  • When in doubt, call your Chaplain!