Become a Full Member

Not a member but want to be? If you are a Sheriff, Deputy Sheriff, Jailer, Dispatcher, Reserve Deputy, other Sheriff's Office employee, or retired in good standing from an Iowa Sheriff's Office, you can become a member today. $25 annual membership per calendar year.

Early registration for the following year begins November 1.

Complete the ONLINE APPLICATION and pay by credit card or invoice today, or print and fill out our 2024 ISSDA Application.pdf and mail it in.

Associate Members

Any Bonafide Law Enforcement Agency Employee is eligible to become an Associate Member of the ISSDA. ISSDA will review associate member applications from an Iowa law enforcement agency employee. The application must include the organization name of where they are employed, along with the name and contact information of the agency head. Upon approval of the application, this membership category will receive ISSDA school discounts, the Gold Star Magazine, and have access to the member's section of the ISSDA website. CLICK HERE to sign up TODAY!

Honorary Members 

If you are not eligible for ISSDA membership but would like to support the ISSDA as an Honorary member you can find information on our website under the Honorary Member tab. Your membership dues help support training and education for Sheriffs, Deputies, Jailers and full time Sheriff's employees as well as a week long YMCA camp for kids and Iowa Special Olympics. Find more information CLICK HERE

Retired Members - Lifetime Membership

If you are planning to retire we want to make sure you were aware that you can CONTINUE your ISSDA MEMBERSHIP by paying the $25.00 annual fee, or $200 for a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP.

ISSDA by-laws states:

  • SECTION 1. FULL MEMBER.  The following shall be eligible for membership in ISSDA:  Duly-qualified Iowa county Sheriffs, Iowa Deputy Sheriffs, Iowa Reserve Deputy Sheriffs, Iowa Sheriff’s Office employees, and any of the above retired/vested members in good standing.

  • SECTION 2. RETIRED/VESTED MEMBERS. Any member in good standing who retires under their IPERS system shall be allowed to continue as a retired/vested member of the Association, having all rights and benefits of the Association. The retired/vested member may continue their membership, paying their annual fee.

    A retired member may elect to be a lifetime-retired member, having all rights and benefits of the Association. The retired member may pay the lifetime membership fee any time; however, they must have complied with Article II, Section 1.

Gold Star Counties

Any Iowa county paying full membership dues for multiple employees on one invoice is eligible to become a Gold Star County Member. If a county becomes a Gold Star County Member, they will receive up to four (4) free schools a year. The number of free school registrations a county is entitled to will be determined by the number of county paid memberships. It will be the responsibility of the county, or attendee, to request the free school registration by sending an email to [email protected] 

  • 1-25 memberships = 1 free school
  • 26-50 memberships = 2 free schools
  • 51-75 memberships = 3 free schools
  • 76 and above = 4 free schools

If you are interested in this, or have questions contact us: [email protected]