Let's Talk About Traffic Stops: A Marion County Law Enforcement PSA

When an officer is attempting to pull you over, remain calm. Find the nearest—and safest— place to pull over and park your car so the officer can make contact with you.

Please stay in your car until you receive further instructions from the officer. Keep your hands on your steering wheel and in the officer’s view at all times, so the officer feels safe.

We appreciate that most people would like to have their license, registration and proof of insurance ready for us when we approach their vehicle---but swift movements can raise safety concerns for the officer. Just relax and wait for instructions. The officer will be with you shortly.

If your documents are out of reach, let the officer know where they are before you reach for them. Also, please inform the officer if you have a weapon in the vehicle so he or she is aware.

Please put away any mobile devices and turn off your radio during the traffic stop. Give your full attention to the officer to make sure everyone communicates effectively and efficiently.

And most importantly, the officer and the citizen should be courteous and cooperative with each other, building mutual respect---leading to a better dialogue between everyone involved.

Conducting traffic stops are an essential part of a law enforcement officer’s duty to serve and protect our community. Remember, a traffic stop can not only be a stressful situation for you, but it is also one for the officer. Through good communication and cooperation, a traffic stop can be a positive experience for everyone. Thank you!

This message has been brought to you by the Florida Highway Patrol, the Ocala Police Department and the Marion County Sheriff's Office.